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                X .  Allgood               

X. : All Vocals
X. : Rhythm Guitar
X. : Drums
X. : Bass
X. : Lead Guitar
X. : Keyboards and Samples
X. : SoundEngineering
                  And Mastering
X. : Graphix and Artwork

From 5th grade concert type band to marching in the highschool and playing with numerous bands since then for 14 years of my miserable so-called Life. I (X.)Christopher Lisle Allgood have found alittle nitch where I needed to be in the industry. Undersole has been my 12 year 6 album project with these other musicians that have come and went periodically, and I figured it was time to see what I could do ALL BY MYSELF! Solo albums from bigger bands out there usually suck to me, in many different ways and for many reasons, but I think I finally did a good blend of music that will turn most of your' heads'. I've created a monster just starting with the first solo album and now 6 albums later, it's even crazier! I don't think I can stop now! I still can't break my roots with metal, rock, and hip hop/rap..so again with the 6th album here goes nothin'. Currently I've featured a few locals on the albums, here and there, but I think for the next I'll start featuring more just because I think this might be the only way some of these guys will get noticed and heard by some higher ups and underground lovers alike. It's so hard to get noticed so why don't we all just help one another out? Right? Well most bands around here don't do that type of thing for anyone anymore. They're out to conquer the scene for themselves, like they set out to do in the first place.....Well...Allgood's not about that and never was. That's why other affiliates and myself started "Fizzgig Studios and Productions" and produced HSC(HighSideCoalition)'s 5 albums of HipHop Rap ourselves. Give it a listen and tell me what you think email style, and we'll see what comes next...And look I don't expect any of my solo projects to go anywhere, so before you think I'm being big-headed about this, just give it a try and find out for yourself .


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