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The music is what matters most...Here's the Album Covers and Their Track Listings For Each!


Not U. But Me...
Finished and Copyrighted in February 2001.
Featured artists : Chris Perez (Guitar-"Faint Sands")
Brad Miller (LyricalContribution-"Don't Play"and"Let's Make a Deal")
Aaron Tyree Chisholm (LyricalContribution-"Let's Make a Deal" and "Jam Straight Silly")
Brian Green (1stGuitar-"Foolish")
Track Assignment:  Foolish; Lay it Down; On the Level; Trial and Error; Don't Play;
Growing Pains; Faint Sands; Let's Make a Deal; Thrown Away; Bring the Dawn;
Samurai Coalition Killers; Jam Straight Silly


Where Was U. ?
Finished and Copyrighted in December 2002.
Featured Artists : 
Nick Garza (Lyrical Contribution -"Dark Pistol")
Chris Perez (1st and 3rdGuitar -"Apitomy of Illness")
Track Assignments :  Transcribed; Dark Pistol; Constance Reminder; Abruptly; Exertion; Grind Session; Epitome of illness; Watch Out; What You Cannot See;Till Then; Techtonic


Hybrid-Nation Sickness
Finished and Copyrighted in June 2003.
Featured artists :
Nick Garza (LyricalContribution-"T.C.Playas")
Brad Miller (LyricalContribution-"T.C.Playas and Calibrate Yo Mind")
Track Assignments:  The Power; TC Playas; Swarm; Can't You See; Never Stood Still; Screw It;
Pixie Chic; Wake Up; Calibrate Yo' Mind; Urban Assault; Try Me; Tomorrow; Keep On Task



Finished and Copyrighted in April 2004.

Track Assignments : The Cut That Never Bleeds; Remember; She'll Never Know; In My Wake; All Of Me;  Blind; Give Me Time; Rest Assured; Sin-Opsys; When; What You Got; Count The Days


U. and Me
Finished and Copyrighted in June 2004.

Track Assignment:  Chill Or Be Chilled; Drowning; Fortune Favors The Bold; Fantasy; Why; Still Fly; Complicated; Cloud 9; The King is Dead; Kneel To The Pharaoh; Can't Shake It; The End


We Have Ways...
Finished and Copyrighted in March 2005.
Featured artists : Matt Mejia - Devil Eyes - All Parts Played
Track Assignment:  We Have Ways; What Now; Alone Time; Holla when yer Comin' South; Right and Wrong; Help Yourself; I Wait; Find Peace; Feelings; Don't Try; You Could Be Here, Kill Me,


Think Before U Speak
Finished and Copyrighted in May 2006.

Track Assignment:  Tell Them Off; TurnCoat; Run The Gauntlet; U. Adjusts We; Wastelands; Get Back To Work; Funkadelik; Closing Your Eyes; The Real Me; Turnin 'Round; Skyline

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